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John Pena has built up more than a few cool rides in the past 17 years, but it his 1000A international in 1966 by far is his favorite.

Peņa has bought the Mazda RX 8 from the third owner, a man in the woodlands, about three years ago. The previous owner had in inventory for a period of time to create and customize by held.

When he finally decided it would be better in your hand another constructor, which sits in storage in addition expressed, for sale.

Peņa liked what he saw, did and Pierre offers him and his dear friend, Chris Stone, the truck in the shop of his father returned.

Hughie Stone, Livingston, has decided to tackle the project by Pena, but it didn't take long for him to discover that the truck was not what they had hoped. Stone broke the bad news after must carefully on the international, which is missing some important elements, was next and what was intact was a lot of work need. For more details check Mazda rx 8

In the coming months, Pena said: "everything from front-to-rear rebuilt replaced or has been."

His friends on Ekstensive metal works in Houston, he brought the truck to update the suspension. Unfortunately, they discovered that such changes would not be easy.

Mazda RX 8 - They decided to "completely strip the front suspension and create unique control group which could be locked on the axes of the Chevrolet and the brakes." The back has been with a link, and c allow a notch a wheel 24 killed "" introduced some time down the road, "Pena said."

When it came to the time outdoors, Peņa chose a shade of green sea foam for painting and approached Jesse Esteves make to life come alive.

True to the rest of the design was that it was a hiccup came, he chose a lime actually discovered as she the painting. If they at the top of the Meerschaum painted could hand an age "Patina" to stop and look him. Esteves airbrush on some rusty imitation, that connects with the existing vintage truck to carry the look of the new painting.

The next stop was Cato in Pasadena his friend Mike "Sic", add some design websites silver leaf Pinstriping and spider on the roof, the bonnet and the bed. Then he visited friend Patrick Reid San Leon, do some Pinstriping, custom Interior, including scratches on the dashboard, and a demon on the roof liner design Freehand.

The seat was perched by the upgrade and roll own Pearl white vinyl with a classic Mexican cover insert.

Peņa likes, his love of custom towers with members of his club in the club car share of broken links.

Chapter in almost all States and even a little in other countries, including the Club is the Australia, Japan and Canada in the 20th year of its existence.

Pena attributed his friends Kerry Cooper and Billy Dawson to present it "Craftsmen" Daniel Willis, has with the finishing touches for the transmission and allows, a precise control keep helped Pena.
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Submitted on
December 2, 2012